Seriously bright light vs. winter blahs
12.19.2023 | DIYLEDU-HOME |

Higher quality LEDs produce ratios of individual hues closer to daylight than typical LEDs do, and that may make them better for bright light supplementation. There’s no science on this yet.

Color quality is usually specified as “CRI,” the Color Rendering Index, which goes up to 100. Most white LEDs are rated 80 CRI. “High CRI” is a meaningless marketing term that can mean anything upwards from 80. 90 CRI corn bulbs are not much more expensive than 80 CRI, but are much less different than the numbers would suggest.4 Genuinely high CRI is 95 or more.5

Bulbs in the 95+ CRI range are much more expensive; several times the price of ordinary LEDs of the same brightness. On the other hand, maybe the better quality means you don’t need as many lumens.

I haven’t experimented with these, due to the cost. Some friends say the light feels better, and is worth paying for. Whether it would make enough of a difference for me, or for you, I don’t know.

A friend recommends this 40W CRI 95 corn bulb ($35 in December 2023). 40W seems to be as high as CRI 95+ corn bulbs go currently.

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